« Mon expérience de Twitter » par Liz Wilson

Liz Wilson

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Who do I follow on Twitter ?

I follow people I would like to meet in real life. People I can learn from. Insightful people. Innovative people. Creative people. People doing interesting things, with a lot to say. Twitter is like being at the heart of everything that fascinates you, surrounded by just the people you want to be with.
They are future watchers, startup founders, digital thought leaders discussing things like the curation of the Internet, experts on different social channels, also educators and marketers. Discovering the people I want to follow is a slow process. I don’t randomly follow back, I do follow some people back but it’s selective. Sometimes I follow a « suggested » user, but mostly I wait to discover who I want to follow.

Who are my followers ?

They are a mix. Some of the people I follow also follow me. Then there is a group of people within the same professional field – writers, editors, bloggers,  content curators, content marketers, social media nuts, Internet marketers. Finally there are the bots, company spammers, the door.to.door salesmen. I used to go in and delete these but it takes too much time so now I leave them.
I think most of my followers are interested in the content I share. Most of my tweets have links to authoritative and helpful articles on content, curation, marketing, writing etc.

Create a Twitter account, why ?

Twitter is like a huge debating chamber, a vast university of knowledge, a meeting place of minds, the biggest newsstand you could ever hope to see. Yes, it’s also full of spammers and wide boys (or girls), beggars and thieves. It’s a seething mass of people, there are bound to be good and bad.  But you will find what you are looking for there. You’ll find knowledge, people with the same interests, clients, opportunities, breaking stories, snake oil salesmen, gurus, ninjas and the rest.  Walk in the door and prepare to be amazed. If you’re not on Twitter, I my opinion, you’re not living. Twitter gets over the limitations of our physical world. All human life s there. Go be a part of it.

What are my usage patterns ?

I say little but listen a lot.

How is Twitter useful outside the « digital life » ?

People you connect with can spill over into real life. I am writing a book with a co-author as a result of Twitter.
But there is a downside. You may meet someone you long to see in real life but you will never do so.
Twitter is both kind and cruel.

A story about Twitter ?

I live in an adopted country. No matter how hard I try to make it my home, I can’t. So I guess that now Twitter is becoming my home.

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