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When to post, and for which audience ? Craig Van Korlaar, owner of topnonprofits.com (a « place to publicly learn from and with the best nonprofit organizations & leaders ») produced a social media posting guide. He asked Pegasus Data to provide a french translation.

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Find this resource on it original page : Social media posting guide.

UNDERSTAND your audience

Know your target audience(s)

Tip: Get specific. Create personas.

You’re busy. So are they.

Don’t waste your time or theirs.

It’s not all about you

Show interest in needs of others not just yours.

Do unto others…

Others like mentions @ RTs as much as you.

Limit the pleas for help

Ideally keep this below the 10% mark.

Be responsive

Respond within 24hrs. Aim for less.

PLAN your content

How much time do you have?

Be realistic. Block out time. Stick to it.

Monthly: content strategy

ID what’s coming up. Schedule campaigns.

Monthly: key messages

Define key messages for campaigns & events.

Use an editorial calendar

Download a free one at  topnonprofits.com/edcal

Weekly: batch content creation

Maximize time. Minimize mental gear shifts.

Scheduling posts in advance OK

Tip: vary timing slightly and avoid :00 and :30.

Check feeds at least 2x per day

If only 2x, then mid morning & late afternoon.

How will you measure success ?

Tip: set measurable goals. Track progress.

FACEBOOK Best practices

Think headline, not article

Get attention. Then add ?, action, or link.

Post every other day

Best frequency to get and keep likes.

A picture is worth 1000 words

Tip: limit depressing ones.

Tell good stories

Less statistics. More stakeholder stories.

Use analytics with your links

Insight, good. Dashboard obsession, bad.

TWITTER Best practices

Don’t treat it like Facebook

Vary content & don’t auto-post between.

Post at least once a day

More is better and vary time slightly.

Space out your tweets

No more than 1/hr (excluding @replies).

Best CTR : 8-9am, 2pm, 5pm, 3pm

(test yourself) Bad: 1am-7am, 10am-1pm, 6-7pm.

Best RTs: noon-4pm

(test yourself) Bad: before 10am, after 7pm.

Tweet on the weekend

Less busy means greater CTR but less RTs.

Keep it short and sweet

Below 125 characters allows manual RTs.

Don’t be a downer

(+) tweets shared 34% more, (-) 13% less.

Place links early (1/4 mark)

Highest probability of CTR. Very end OK also.


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